Flesh is a waste for all being


From the begining, flesh is believe to be powerful like the holyspirit when God first created Adam because they were both together and holy.
     That was before sin came into the flesh through devil to Eve and to Adam. This caused death in flesh according to the word of God (Gen 2:16-17), from where flesh become powerless instead of instant decay after death. In this case the holyspirit left and evil spirit take over the flesh to turn it into a living dead due to the flesh  un-end life span.
      Before I go to far, dead organism can be living and non living. It simply means as condem creature on earth so that they can be used by other minor god’s. For that to happen in human life,  the lifely power we lost is the real ability power. It is since then we become helpless to our self and turn to be a waste.
       As it has been cleared that every flesh is waste, it’s then due for use by every creature that are able to use then physically or spiritually. This is why all kinds of abnormallitty and uncontrollable bad habit and characters enter human life. Through flesh just because evil spirit is always at work using flesh as the holy spirit is lack but devel never stop working earth.
        It’s Godly people that are free from all evil doing because they live in Christ and Christ lives in them where Christ restore back the lost holy spirit (John 15:4-7). They are those who have life because Jesus Christ is their life as well as light. The light shines in darkness and darkness did not overcome it “John 1:1-5“. This is where they got the ability power to overcome evil.
        Above all, flesh is waste because it does not last forever and one day it shall perish and eaten up by termite which means everything the flesh possess is vanity.


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