How to know you are a trap for this world

                  You are a trap


  There is Tallent in you, you need to be very careful of, because that thing in you had made you to be a trap unto the World, either directly or indirectly. You need to be very careful the way you use this talent or how you spend your life in this world. Because the way u spend your life or how u use your Talent will place you in a hand where you will be using as a Trap to the world.

If you spend your life positively and use your Tallent rightl in acordance to the word of God, Then you will be in the hand of God for use, either directly or indirectly and the point is to win souls for Himself through u and most cases without u having the knowledge of the Lord doing. Your gain there is that despart your ignorance on the Lord doing, He will still paying you back awesomely for making yourself available for Him to use.
     Above all, He will make you His kingdom candidate if you can maintain that till the end of your life.
If you chose other way round to spend your life and use your Talent, then you are in the hand of devel to use and lead you to the hell fair after this world if you chose not to change.

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