My Time – How I waited for God


      I have Christ and have hundred percent assurance of getting all my needs spiritually. I knew I am destine to be rich and working towards it, I even been possess with what can make a man become billionaire or more than that on earth. Above all, Holy Spirit is usually proving me right in all my moves but to my suprise am still much very poor and more or less suffering in life.
        As am always being prove fail physically all my moves towards becoming whome am sure I am created to be.
         To dected my problems, I look around myself physically and spiritually but I see nothing that can cause my poorness and suffering. But I can earned a voice saying it loudly that “not yet your time ” 3ce.
        Things of God always comes alive according to their time. Said, despite the fact that Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ are one are one even Jesus Christ 30 years on earth before his time to do all the major miracles that made Him the Messiah and Christ to the whole world. So,  He used roughly 3 years for it is emergency.
          So you can have everything to be the greatest,  but without been your time,  you will still remain to be nothing.
     Time—Time—Time—. Everything is with time to those that wait for God. Time rules in their achievement. So, my soul wait for your time is as good as waiting for your God. 
    This is message for everyone, wait for your time it is the best game you can play with the living God.

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