Are you ready for the second coming

Are you ready for the second coming

The second coming of Jesus Christ is unknown, but are you ready?  For we Humans as a living being, we all indulge in different activities daily and it falls in two different part ( right and wrong ). 

Christians of this generation!!, the golden question that we all need to observe is “Are we ready for the seconds coming of Jesus Christ?” Unanswered!. 

We live our normal life daily, perform our normal activities and dismiss to our various work, but do we think about things of heaven? Remember,  Jesus Christ second we will lead to where we shall all spend our eternity after this worthless life?.

     This generation needs to be very careful because, devil already dominate world and looking for all means to entice human with what he have in order to drive us into sin so we can spend our eternity in hell with him. We have to prevent this by taking note of what we do every tick of second if they are of God.  

  Rapture can take place anything time from now without you knowing in as much as you are in sin, only the righteous will be eligible to ascend at the second coming.   

Note: Not only when Jesus shows in the sky that refers to the second coming, the moment when your soul get out of your body it is a form of rapture for you. Death come expectedly and no one know his/her specific fixed time of leaving this earth.

The reason why we are on earth are for different numerous purposes, each one of will complete our assignment before leaving for eternity.

 In a painful thought, we are living like hell fire never exist and do not matter to us. Never forget that the bible once said that  “we are in the world but not of the world”,  which means we are here for just some specific framed time.

 But what really matters is, the way we used that specific framed time. There are two things that our life interprets, which is either;

  • Good 


  • Bad 

We tend too choose one out of the two. Your daily activities acts as record to what you live your life for, which can be right or wrong. It actually depends on you, so be careful of what you do!. 

When will the second coming take place 

To all Christians out there, the second coming of Jesus Christ cannot be correctly predicted. For the Bible  also said that “rapture will be like a thieve that comet in the night, but as for us as a Christian.

 We should ack like a keeper that watch day and night”. With this statement, it tells us to be very watchful because the second coming of Jesus Christ can occur anytime.

 Don’t let anyone deceive that Jesus Christ is coming at one specific time, for God never promise to reveal this to any one. The bible only advised us to prepare vividly for the unknown event, because it can take place anytime. 

Not only when Jesus come physically that best explains rapture, death also defines this. For no one knows his/her time of death, it only happens at the Unkown time. 

Take note of this: If you die today, that your part of rapture. This is why because, you don’t have any more life to live. 

For your flesh has been shutdown, while your souls leaves the body. In this state, you cannot perform any functions.  Now, let relate it to the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

Rapture will take places unexpectedly right!, death will also do the same. What make them different is, only the living will experience rapture as reality while, the dead will also experience it. But, it will be in different aspect. 

How we should prepare for the second coming 

There are a lot of thing to do in-order for us to achieve the kingdom of God,

Some of them are listed below. 

  • Pray always 
  • Stay away from sin 
  • Read the scriptures vividly 
  • Having passion for the kingdom of God.

1. Pray always

For you as a good believer, there is a need to be constantly communicating with God. This will help you in the journey of your life, and also make you prepare for rapture.

 Your soul get strengthened spiritually when you pray, it fills up the spirit of God in you. God also recommended us to pray often, so as not to loose the connection between Him.

 Devil is always looking for a way to tamper with our spirit by making us lazy to make supplication, that why we must not relent at communicating with God. 

 With the help of prayer, hidden things of the devil are revealed. Most Christians in the bible attain the good side of God, this is due to the help of prayer.

 For the second coming of Jesus Christ is Unkown, we should learn to move closer to God by communicating with him always.

2. Stay away from sin

The worst thing that ever happen to man is the ability to differentiate between good from bad, which later leads to continuous occurrence of sin. 

The first sin of man is “disobedient“, Adam and Eve are the first committer of this offence in the Garden of Eden. 

Sin is what separate man from God, by loosing the close connection we have with God. For you to be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ, you must avoid breaking the commandments of God.

 As a good believer, you must always indulge at doing  the right things. This is so because, for no ones knows the exact time rapture will take place. 

Even the specific period of century cannot be determine, it can occur at any unexpected time. The more you go astray from your bad doings, the more you get the chance to meet up with rapture at the time you are ready. 

3. Read the scriptures vividly

Bible is the foundation of all God wisdom we obtain on earth, a lot of things about God with other things attached with Him are gotten from the scripture.

 Reading your bible frequently is just like planting a seed, the word of God grow in us the more we meditate in it. Been ignorance of the things of God hurt us a lot at different aspect, for what we don’t know take advantage of us. 

Try to meditate in word of God day and night, for the knowledge of God plays an important role in our life. The second coming of Jesus Christ cannot be predicted, no one know when he his coming. 

But if you are well endowed with the knowledge of God, you won’t be afraid of His arrival. Why do i say so? I clearly made this statement because, with the knowledge you could have obtained from the scripture.

 It will help you to know more about God and his plan for human, for your all your doubts will be cleared. The Bible also said ” For my people perished because of ignorance“, 

This means, most of us do the wrong things because we are not occupied with enough knowledge. So my advice for you is; spend at least 25% of your time meditating in the word of God. 

4. Having passion for the kingdom of God

After this present life, there are two place we can spend our eternity. Which is either 

  • Heaven 


  • Hell fire 

We are the one that we choose the one we want out of the two. Our life style will dictate which one we fall into, for we will all be judged by our activities on earth. 

To make this easy for us, let learn how to build passion for obtaining the kingdom of God. If we can do this successfully, we will be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

By the time He will descending on earth, you will be happy to welcome Him. But for sinners on that day, there will be no place to hide again. Because He had promise to send down fire with stone to the earth, for this will be the end of the world; Math 13 vs 40.

Do not have passion for the things of the world than things of heaven, for things of the world are vanity and things of the heaven is eternal.

 As a Christian, if we can put the kingdom of God at the first place in our heart. You won’t be able to dive into sin easily, this will make you practice Godly things than ungodly things. So, let learn how to build passion for the kingdom of God. 

Message to all viewers 

Let keep on doing good, no matter who you are, what you are, and what you believe in, just try to cultivate the habit of doing the right things at the right time. Because, no one is ever 100% perfect. For only God is.


The second coming of Jesus Christ has not been revealed to anybody, for nobody knows when He His Coming. But one core advice for us is; Let be fully prepared for his coming, this is because He can decide to come anytime He want. So, let watch out carefully. If any questions or contributions is to be made, kindly comment below. Thank you!.

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