How devil successfully take over man heart – Solution to it

How devils dominate humans heart

I this Life, we experienced a lot of goods and wrongs. Most time, these things are been exhibited from what we think in our mind ( good or bad, right or wrong, necessary or unnecessary, e.t.c).  Our mind is endowed with sufficient ability to think anything in a different dimension. 

As said by God; “ Let Us make Man in our own image, after our likeness” Gen. 1 vs 26

Which means: We human have the same ability with   God but of different level. 

Our mind is unstoppable in thinking except when our system stop functioning. 

To my surprise, I found out that our Brain + Mind still functions when we are at sleep. If you are a good dreamer, you will notice that you still make some certain decisions while dreaming. 

This because of the present functionality of the brain + Mind reflecting in their products from either through what we think about before sleeping or dreams directly from God. 

Now, let see how devil takes over our mind which makes us act wrong often. 

3 ways Satan stylishly dominate man’s heart 

Here, I will be highlighting different means devils uses to rule over man’s heart.

  1. Through lies and deceit 
  2. Injecting love of money 
  3. By Negative rhythm (Bad kinds of music)
  4. Contaminating the eyes (physically and spiritually)

1. Through lies and deceit

After the creation of man, the devil successfully wins over man heart by feeding Eve with lies and deceit which made them disobeyed God. 

In the present world of today, there are a lot of means devils has dominated man’s heart with different lies from the pit of Hell.

For examples;

In some countries, they believe the marrying the same gender is not a SIN. Some Pastors in that region even contributed to the new set of marriage that Gender of the same type can marry.

Now let take some biblical analysis;

In the beginning, God created Man (Adam) first before creating Woman (Even) from Adam’s ribs.  Right?

The main purpose of God creating the other gender is for Eve to act as support for Adam. 

Which means; Woman is mainly created to act as support to Man.

With this, it shows the combination of Man and Man is not acceptable by God because God won’t bother creating Eve from Adam in the first place if a man can support another man in the manner of a woman.

But currently, a lot of individuals and region practice this sinful act due to lies ministered to them by the devil. 

1. Injecting love of money 

Not to lie, Money dominates the world presently. Without Money, something we obtain on earth won’t be possible. For these reasons, Satan has used the love of money to act as sharp weapons to conquer the human heart. 

Love of money by a man

For example; Major Human go extra mind to kill their fellow neighbours just because of the term called “Money”. 

Also, diverse individuals have sold their soul to the devil in order to obtain good things in life. 

Saying this as fact, extreme love of money has been satan favourite weapons to dominate man’s heart. 

This is because; Human can take any action just to obtain valid some of the money for survival either in the right or wrong way. 

The moment man starts thinking about getting some amount of money in any means, it gives devil more and more chances to dominate his/her heart, mind and thinkings. 

2. By Negative Rhythm (Bad Music) 

In today music industry,  we’ve seen a different artist of the devil that has polluted the life of different individuals who tend to continually listen to their songs. 

This set of musicians uses Negative Rhythm to open the door for demons into man’s life. And when this is successfully done, it signifies that satan has taken control.

What makes Music part of Lucifer favourite destroying weapon?

If we can glance back at our bible, we will find it there that Lucifer was a high raking singer in heaven with a very good voice.  

Then in the heavens, Lucifer (Son of the morning star) was the leader in the God Choir sector. He was the one who ruled and gives a command to other angles. 

Not too long, Satan developed pride and tries to take over God throne. Due to this act, God takes action by sending Lucifer down to earth. 

Now that Lucifer is on earth, he looks for different means for Man to disobey God so that they can partner with him In the lake of fire.  That why he uses his singing/voice skills to corrupt the mind of humans. 

Meditating in bad song change the internal thinking and reasoning of man.  That how it is programmed by the devil

3. Contaminating the eyes  (physically and spiritually)

What we see every day affects us the most, our eyes are also used by the devil to dominate our heart. 

In most cases, visual things attract Man than audio things, that why we fall into SIN easily with our eyes. 

Let make some briefs analysis on how satan uses our eyes to rule our heart. 

The is how the devil Connect our eyes to the mind  for his work 

1.  Whenever there are any ungodly acts around us, the first part of our body that will get notice, capture and get attracted to it is our “eyes”. 

This is the only sense organ in our body that can visualize things around us. 

2.  Once our eyes has captured the ungodly act, it then sends a signal (information) to our brain for interpretation. 

3.   After the brains could have interpreted the visuals, then we start meditating in it with our mind. 

Here, this is where the devil introduces himself through the ungodly acts captured with the naked eyes. 

As time goes on, you’ll begin to digest everything you see and it later becomes a burden in your heart.

This is how the devil works

3 ways to solve devil dominations over One heart

As Christian, the devil always finds a way to dominate our heart and soul. That why Jesus has prepared better days ahead with the help of his deaths and then written powerful word He left behind (Bible). 

If in any way you have a burden in your heart or you think satan has dominated your heart, I will urge you to make use of the following tactics that I will be listed below.

1. Renounce the Salvation of Jesus Christ in your life

The first you need to do before you can have a free mind is to re-accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour. This can be done by only you or with those you really know are in Christ. 

3. Pray and Fast frequency

For a Christian to successfully overcome anything in this life; he/ she have to indulge in serious prayer. 

Pray and fast frequently

Our lord and saviour (Jesus Christ) even made it clear that we should meditate day and night.

This means: A good Christian is expected to read the word of God frequently and also pray along with it.

One of the core reasons one praying and fasting is to build the right spiritual being in you. 

3. Always pursue heavenly things first 

One of the main things that makes a man have a burdened heart is through the dominations of satan which is “Pressure of the World”. 

Puresue heaven things first

This is a state whereby your mains targets is to obtains all that the world offers. 

But when this becomes difficult for you, it then becomes a burden in your heart.

On the other hand, when you pursue heavenly things first, it makes you look off the things of this world and focus on the everlasting inheritance. 

What do you gain today?

I hope you were to obtains 1 or 2 benefits from this post. If you do, kindly comment below so that we can be sure that a being is actually reading this article.  Good luck!

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