How to be sustained in this global challenge

      Global challenge

         The book of proverb made it cleared that no leaf will drop from the Tree without the knowledge of Almighty God. The present situation we are passing through now globally will surely come to an end, for how great is His mercy and grace unto man, surely covid 19 will finally become history.
We just have to hold on unto our faith and do all necesary cation in our day to day activities as directed by world health organisation and by any sure and positive means we know to protect ourself and Family from this deadly decease.

      Also,we need to be prayerful for ourself, our country and the world as a whole. I believe we are going to overcome it soonest.
I pray, the Lord will count you and I among those who will see the end of this situation and overcome it in Jesus. Mighty name. Amen
Remains covered by the blood of The Lord Jesus Christ, Stay Saved by the grace of The Living God and finally you are blessed in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.
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Adetona Duro and Oluwapemi Balogun
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