The New seraphim

               The new seraphim

When going get tough, only the tough one’s can keep on going in a positive manner and get it right perfectly the way God assign it for them to get to their promise land as an overcomers.
They are the strong one’s that ever ready to go, no mater the situations or circumstances that surrounding them in their ways.
Their strong weapons is not how big or how muscle they are, neither how strong they are to perform miracles, magic or signs and wonders like Moses.
But how deep they are in the word of the Living God.

        How patience they are unto the Holly Spirit to interpret the perfect meaningt of the word unto them.
How humble they are, unto the word to listen, obey and do what the word command them to do.
Above all, how Submited they are unto the word, to let the word of the Living God rules their life
Because that word of the Living God is God Himself in writing John1:1-5. So if you have the word, you have God and if you let the word rules your life, then you become unstoppable, because He is your strong power and He will surely lead you to your promise land.
          E.g Moses got all power to do Miracles, Signs and wonders but he does not get to the promise land because he has no enough word to get there. Joshua has little power but got the lager part of the word of the Living God, that is his strongest weapon that guide him to lead the Israelites to the promise land. Josh.8:1
So you too, you should not joke with the word of the Living God. I tel u with the word of the living God, you will surely be there. A word is a enough for a wise.
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