Things that are not about the white garment only

             Not about white garment only

     Cherubim and seraphim  not all about  white garment church but is all about the true child of the Living God. God intension is to give us His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven and to acomplished this mission, God can only use His children. You two can fit into this plan if you give your life to christ today with your whole heartedly.
1. Confess your sin and depart completely from your sinful life
2. Confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior
3. Look around for a Living Church. Where the word of God is being taught, where Holy Spirit is their director, where Jesus Christ is the true Husband of the Church. Join them and worship with them.
4. Make the word of God your companion, meditate the word day and night, allow the word of God to rule your life, above all, do all things in your life by the word of God
If you are able to maintain this form, it will get to a stage you will abide in the word of God.

         How can you realised this?

There is a state we found ourself in this world. To those of this world, they called it a problem.To the child of God, we call it challenges.

       At this situation, as someone that has got the word of God in him or her., the kind of word that is capable to let him or her overcome the situation will always spring up from their heart, till he or she become unstopable by any challenges.

      If the person is able to naintain this form, then, he or she have gotten the word of the Living God inside him or her.
      If anyone have the word of the living God in him or her, then you have gotten Holy spirit in you.

      If anyone have The Holy Spirit in him or her, then you have gotten Jesus Christ in you.
      If you have Jesus Christ in you, then you have gotten the Kingdom of God in you. Because Jesus Christ is the head of heavens Government

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