How old is God? | what the real answer is

How old is God?: This is a mysterious question that deserves deep reasoning before it out be answered. 
Asking when God has been in existence is like calculating the years the earth was been recreated by God. 
How is God?

God Is Alpha and Omega!.  The beginning and the ending!. He that no one know His beginnings. 
God age cannot be knowns by no one because no one started reigning before God even the universe. 
Event though the Sun is 4.603 billions years, it still do not reach any specifics percentage of God age. That is; God is infinity!. 
To Clearly answer the questions; God  Do  Not  Have An  Age.  That it!.
Well some other people may have told that God that Have an age and also tell you the specific number. That fine. But am here to tell you that all of those are pure lies and they are absolutely not in the Bible. 
No being ever knows when God existed and no knows till now. That that truth. 

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