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  • Hello world!

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  • Food of the spirit for all Man

          This is food thought for all man Having Parents is good, Having Family is good, Having Friends is good, Having Lover is good but God is the best thing any man can ever have. Because as a Parents, Family, Friends or Lover, they will deny you one day but God can never […]

  • The New seraphim

                   The new seraphim WHEN GOING GET TOUGHWhen going get tough, only the tough one’s can keep on going in a positive manner and get it right perfectly the way God assign it for them to get to their promise land as an overcomers.They are the strong one’s that […]

  • The Kingdom of God for who can embrace it

    The Kingdom of God for who can embrace it        The best way to embrace the Kingdom of God is by doing anything positive that will make the present of God with u at all times, below her the list things u can be doing.  Let it be part of u to alway’s […]

  • How to be sustained in this global challenge

          Global challenge          The book of proverb made it cleared that no leaf will drop from the Tree without the knowledge of Almighty God. The present situation we are passing through now globally will surely come to an end, for how great is His mercy and grace unto man, surely […]

  • Things that are not about the white garment only

                 Not about white garment only      Cherubim and seraphim  not all about  white garment church but is all about the true child of the Living God. God intension is to give us His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven and to acomplished this mission, God can […]

  • How devil successfully take over man heart – Solution to it

    I this Life, we experienced a lot of goods and wrongs. Most time, these things are been exhibited from what we think in our mind ( good or bad, right or wrong, necessary or unnecessary, e.t.c).  Our mind is endowed with sufficient ability to think anything in a different dimension.  As said by God; “ […]

  • Are you ready for the second coming

    The second coming of Jesus Christ is unknown, but are you ready?  For we Humans as a living being, we all indulge in different activities daily and it falls in two different part ( right and wrong ).  Christians of this generation!!, the golden question that we all need to observe is “Are we ready for the […]

  • Things we shouldn’t be doing in the church

        Things we shouldn’t be doing in the church: In the world of today, a lot of things has change physically, technology, scientifically and spiritually. In term of what change spiritually and physically, that have to do with our religion, believe, activities and place of work. Talking about has change in religion, it directly points to […]

  • Meaning of Gospel music and it advantage

    learn and understand the benefits of gospel Gospel music has been a big advantage to the christian community (followers of Christ) which have been one if their way of communicating to God. Gospel music can be defined as a genre of Christian music typically marked by strong rhythm and elaborate refrains and incorporating element of […]