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  • Where to start reading the bible [Youth Catholic]

    Where to start reading the bible Where to start reading the bible cannot be fully determined This is because the Bible is not poetry or a novel that needs to be read from a particular chapter to a particular character. God words are not understood by the reading pattern of human but by the way, […]

  • How old is God? | what the real answer is

    How old is God?: This is a mysterious question that deserves deep reasoning before it out be answered.  Asking when God has been in existence is like calculating the years the earth was been recreated by God.  God Is Alpha and Omega!.  The beginning and the ending!. He that no one know His beginnings.  God […]

  • How to know you are a trap for this world

                      You are a trap            There is Tallent in you, you need to be very careful of, because that thing in you had made you to be a trap unto the World, either directly or indirectly. You need to be very careful […]

  • Never fight alone

                    Never fight alone Never you fight for yourself in this deadly world unless God comand you to do so, because all what we are batling with in this world is stronger than any man. Is like battle of David and Goliath. If you give your battle unto […]

  • Flesh is a waste for all being

                               From the begining, flesh is believe to be powerful like the holyspirit when God first created Adam because they were both together and holy.      That was before sin came into the flesh through devil to Eve and to Adam. This caused […]

  • My Time – How I waited for God

                                             I have Christ and have hundred percent assurance of getting all my needs spiritually. I knew I am destine to be rich and working towards it, I even been possess with what can make a […]

  • Wise quotes

                                            Wise quote “There is nothing bad to show love to one another where.                                     the love is in […]

  • Wise quotes

                                             Wise quotes        “Destiny comes first before any event                                    in life”           […]

  • Wise quotes

                                       Wise quotes                     “Half truth do nothing but harm”  No one can hide behind a finger, truth is truth, there are no half truth. Truth remains a truth, which […]